How Intelligent401k Can Get Your Retirement Plan On Track?

If you haven’t made your retirement plan a priority yet, it’s never too late to start saving and preparing for your financial future. Maybe you didn’t follow the road of financial responsibility straight out of the gate but, rest assured, you’re not alone.

Most people feel good enough knowing that they are adding to their 401k every paycheck without realizing that there are tangible ways to help increase their investments. The money that is sitting in your retirement account is basically being invested in a combination of stocks and bonds but, in most cases, it is not being adjusted to match the change in market conditions.

Individuals who are still 20 to 30 years out from retirement are often too disconnected with their investments. They set up a 401k in their 20’s, never revisit it, and reach their 40’s with a 401k plan that has not been ideally managed. Sure, you rely on your employer to provide a retirement account but the responsibility to maximize it is yours.

If this has you feeling overwhelmed, Intelligent401k is here to help.

What is Intelligent401k?

Every individual is on their own path to reaching their financial goals and not everyone can afford to pay a financial advisor to get there. Intelligent401k was created to help you effortlessly optimize your retirement savings. It works with your existing 401k or IRA seamlessly. Our system uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence (or AI-driven algorithms) that actively respond to fluctuations in the market to adjust your investments in order to take advantage of the current economic conditions.

How does Intelligent401k work, exactly?

To get started, our system uses a proprietary risk assessment to determine variables that are specific to each individual.

The factors that identify an individual’s personalized portfolio include their projected retirement age, personal risk tolerance and the current market conditions. After summarizing your risk and connecting to your retirement account, Intelligent401k generates a portfolio that seeks to properly and prudently invests your funds to reduce risk and maximize returns.

More importantly, a key to seeking achievable long-term results for your account is the technology that provides ongoing maintenance and adjustments. Not only does the Intelligent401k technology manage your savings and reduce management fees, it also continues to monitor your portfolio seeking optimal success!

Finally, An Intuitive and Efficient Retirement Saving Solution

When you feel like you are on a time constraint to complete a goal, like planning for retirement, what’s the biggest factor that comes into play? Efficiency. It’s not just about getting things done but doing it the optimal way with minimal waste of time and effort. With that being said, Intelligent401k was designed to optimize your retirement savings in an efficient manner.

Retirement funds make up a significant portion of the average American’s financial assets. Yet they are oftentimes overlooked and unmanaged. When they are left stagnant without rebalancing, individuals could lose out on substantial long-term results.

Today, people are living longer, getting married later, and putting more emphasis on present life experiences rather than focusing on their financial goals for the future. Whether you believe your 30’s are the new 20’s or your 40’s are the new 30’s, today could be your first day on the road to a sound financial future. It’s time to get your retirement plan on track with Intelligent401k. Request your access today!