How To Get Started With Intelligent401k

Intelligent401k is here to make investing with your current 401k or IRA clear and simple. We want to help you improve the performance of your retirement account. Getting started is easy! In just five easy steps you’ll be on your way to strengthening your fiscal stability and brightening your financial future.

What are you waiting for? Let Intelligent401k take the reins and get you on track for the retirement you deserve! Here’s how it works.

STEP 1: Create a Personal Intelligent401k Account

First things first, let’s get to know each other! Create a Personal Account on our website with basic information including your name, birthday, and email address.

STEP 2: Fill Out Your Risk Assessment

In order to create your Personalized Portfolio that determines the best ways to optimize your retirement savings, we must first gather some key factors that identify your risk tolerance as well as your projected retirement age. After answering a few fundamental questions, we can pinpoint your comfort level. This provides you with a simple way to understand how our platform will work for you.

You are in control of your financial destiny … Let us know your level of comfort and we will work to balance your 401k to align with your goals!

STEP 3: Connect Your Retirement Account

In order to provide a complete Account Analysis, next we’ll need you to register your retirement account. Just connect your brokerage or plan providers’ credentials so we can get started! Your account remains with your provider, we simply alter your portfolio to better achieve your goals.

Don’t worry, you can rest easy knowing that Intelligent401k uses state-of-the-art technology to keep your account information safe and secure.

Your data and its security is our top priority. It is critical to us that your data remain safe. Intelligent401k uses 256-bit TLS encryption. We constantly monitor our platform to prevent, detect, and eliminate any possibility of a breach to our cybersecurity.

STEP 4: Review Your Account Analysis

Once your retirement account is linked, we can use that information to provide personalized recommendations on how best to optimize your 401k or IRA using our proprietary artificial intelligence technology. Intelligent401k assesses how much you could be potentially saving in account fees, details where you can reallocate your funds, and displays your projected values based on your personalized investment plan.

STEP 5: Select a Intelligent401k Subscription Tier

Finally, it’s time to pick a plan that is tailored to your individual needs and personal retirement goals! We have three designated subscription tiers for you to choose from based on the number of retirement accounts you have and how aggressively you would like us to manage them.

It’s as simple as that! Now all you have to do is sit back and rest easy knowing your retirement savings are being expertly optimized and managed.

Let’s get you on track to reach your retirement goals. Request access to Intelligent401k today to get started!