The Benefits of Choosing Intelligent401k

Did you know that planning for retirement can be just as exciting as going on a vacation? OK,  that may be a stretch but let me paint you a picture so you can see the benefits of preparing for retirement with Intelligent401k!

Let’s say you’re going on a once in a lifetime backpacking trip across Europe. You have certain expectations for your trip, places you want to visit, ways you want to vacation, and things you want to experience during your trip that are unique to you. The possibilities are endless and while you’ve never been to Europe before, you want to make the most of your trip.

In this analogy, we want you to think of Intelligent401k as your own hypothetical travel advisor to make your trip as stress-free and epic as possible.

First, we will gauge your expectations and goals by creating an itinerary for your travels. We’ll take into consideration your budget, preferred destinations, and length of your trip.  Then, we check out airline and hotel markets, as well as assess the best options to complete your itinerary.

Like traveling the world, planning for retirement is better with a guide.

If you’ve ever been on a major international trip, you know it’s likely there will be some unexpected change of plans, bumps in the road, or opportunities that arise that you must act on. Well, with the right travel advisor, you won’t have to worry about staying another night in Amsterdam – they’ve got you covered! They’ll continue to adjust your itinerary and upgrade your vacation as needed. Live in the moment, don’t stress and let us take care of the details!

At Intelligent401k, we want to be the loyal travel advisor to your retirement fund by creating your personalized portfolio, assessing market trends, and continually rebalancing your investments to help optimize your savings!

Our cutting-edge technology is designed to keep you on track for reaching your financial goals and, ultimately, fulfilling your retirement dreams. The benefits of our investment management platform are significant, straightforward and will, simply, leave you wondering why you haven’t signed up earlier.

It’s as simple as … an all inclusive resort.

When we say our system is simple, we mean it!  After setting your risk tolerance, linking your retirement account credentials, and choosing the plan that’s right for you – all that’s left to do is sit back and, effortlessly, watch the magic happen. Intelligent401k’s cutting-edge technology automatically assesses the current market trends and uses that information to optimize your investments in an efficient way.  We cover the maintenance, so you can relax and feel free to focus on the important things in life … like taking a trip to Europe.

Personalized and Optimized 401k Performance … aka your retirement itinerary.

We understand that every person has a different financial situation and set of retirement goals, which is why we offer a personalized service that is tailored to your individual investment needs.  Our risk assessment produces a personalized analysis that works to pinpoint your comfort zone level based on a number scale which provides a simple way to understand your results.

After we link up your brokerage or plan provider to our software, we can see how and where your individual funds might be ideally optimized using our proprietary technology.

Proper and prudent investment management … more proper than the Queen of England.

Most people feel good enough knowing that they are consistently adding to their employee-sponsored 401k plan every paycheck without realizing that there are ways to potentially increase their nest egg. The money that is sitting in your retirement account is being invested in a combination of stocks and bonds but, in most cases, it is not being adjusted to match the change in market trends.

When your funds are left stagnant without rebalancing, individuals lose out on long-term results. Intelligent401k uses sophisticated algorithms that actively respond to fluctuations in the market to adjust your investments in order to take advantage of the current market.

AI Technological Edge … Time is Money and Money is for Memories!

Artificial Intelligence refers to using computers to effortlessly simulate actions that traditionally require human intelligence to perform. This system uses human-created algorithms that analyze massive amounts of data to identify patterns and derive predictions on how to act most efficiently.

Intelligent401k has capitalized on advancements in AI to create algorithms that have a goal to maximize an individual’s personalized retirement account. AI allows our technology to optimize your retirement savings in an efficient and timely manner, which would take your average financial advisor substantial time in comparison.

Reduced Investment Fees … a penny saved is a penny you can spend on another night in Amsterdam!

Despite the fact that your 401k could be poorly managed and serviced, you might be getting charged an excessive fee by your plan provider or brokerage. Not only does the Intelligent401k technology work to maximize your savings but it focuses on reducing your fees by selecting the lowest cost available in your investment choices.

Transparency … You don’t need Rick Steves when you’re already in the know.

Not only do we want to supercharge your savings but Intelligent401k wants you to be in the know about what’s going on with your investments! We provide you monthly and yearly reports about your account’s progress where you can see how and where your money is being invested.

No Stress, No Obligation … We got this!

We know that planning for retirement can be stressful, difficult, and overwhelming. Fortunately, Intelligent401k is here to make the process of saving for retirement as stress-free and efficient as possible. Once you get set up, you have no obligations. Let us do the heavy lifting on your investments while you handle whatever else life throws your way!

Security … Safer than a Pick-Pocket Proof Wallet Belt.

The security of your personal information is of the utmost importance to us. You can rest easy knowing that our platform is secure and protected against potential cybersecurity issues. We use 256-bit TLS encryption and constantly monitor our technology environment to prevent, detect and close any threats that might cause risk. This is aimed at preventing any unauthorized users from accessing your accounts or any of your information.

Breadth of Opportunity … here’s to the next adventure!

Intelligent401k wants you to make the most out of your hard-earned money and allow your retirement plan to reach its full potential. Our revolutionary technology aims to optimize your savings in the most efficient way possible. We genuinely want you to be able to look forward to your retirement with confidence and contentment. Help us, help you and take charge of your financial future today … we got this!

So, what are you waiting for? Book your perpetual trip to financial security today! Request access to Intelligent401k today to get started.