How a 401k Plan Optimizer Can Help You Get In Financial Shape

Have you ever wanted to achieve personal goals in your life but aren’t sure how to actually get them done? Of course you have. We all have goals: career goals, relationship goals, financial goals, and fitness goals, just to name a few. There’s no debate that setting standards for yourself is necessary. After all, they give life meaning, purpose, and a drive that is undoubtedly beneficial.

However, they don’t just simply achieve themselves. It takes time, effort, sacrifice and oftentimes, help. While we are all for the universal mantra of “being strong and independent”, sometimes we’re better off with a little assistance to achieve a higher level of greatness.

You’re most likely here because you want to be proactive in setting yourself up for financial success in retirement. That’s a great goal and you’ve come to the right place to get there.

We want you to think of our 401k plan optimizer as the personal fitness trainer for your retirement fund. Take a look at how we can relate to your individual fitness program and help you achieve more out of your financial goals and, while we’re at it, reach more of your overall goals in life. It’s all related!

The “It’s Not Rocket Science” Approach

Just like a personal fitness plan, most people try to achieve their finance goals all by themselves without seeking any assistance. There is more than enough information out there to just figure it out alone, right? When you think about phrases like, “just eat right and exercise” it sounds a lot like “just save money and invest”. So, why doesn’t it work the same for everyone?

While the idea seems simple, it turns out not all diets and fitness plans are right for everyone. There’s a lot that factors into it. Depending on the goals you have, what works for one person, might not be a good fit for you. With an overload of information and recommendations, the options for saving for retirement can feel overwhelming too. The hardest thing can be knowing where to start.

This very concept is the foundation of Intelligent401k. We’ve developed a “fitness program” for your retirement fund that takes into consideration your personal goals and risk tolerance. That way, we can optimize your investments and keep your retirement funds in good shape.

How Does Our 401k Plan Optimizer Work?

The same way your body changes over time and needs adjustments to diet and exercise so does your retirement account. Intelligent401k is here to simplify the way you manage your 401k or IRA. Our 401k plan optimizer is the solution because it continually monitors and rebalances your investments to keep up with market trends, your age, and your personal risk tolerance. Much easier than living on kale and running three miles every day, we promise.

Let’s Begin With An Assessment

The first step in creating a workout program is to conduct an assessment of a person’s current fitness levels. From there, a trainer can determine the most effective method for designing a program to reach the desired exercise outcome. Retirement planning with Intelligent401k can be very similar to designing an exercise program. The first step is to conduct an assessment of your current financial status and identify certain key factors like your risk tolerance and projected retirement age.

Set Realistic Goals For A Personalized Plan

You’re unique. We have different bodies, different experience levels, and maybe different goals than any other person at the gym. A personal trainer’s job is to create a fitness program specifically designed for you, so the workouts are catered to your own objectives. A training program to compete in an Ironman competition is going to look a bit different than training to lose twenty pounds. Intelligent401k understands that everyone is at different stages of life and levels of financial security. An IRA or 401k provided by your employer can feel one-size-fits-all but we want to tailor a personalized portfolio and plan to fit your specific wants, needs, and goals.

Don’t Forget Leg Day

Typically, if you do the same workouts every day you aren’t going to achieve the best overall results. A personal trainer is there to continue to modify your personalized program and switch up the routine to optimize your fitness levels. The fitness world is continuing to adapt and it’s important to stay on top of the current trends and programs.

The same can be said about your 401k or IRA. The money that is sitting in your account is being invested in a combination of stocks and bonds but, in most cases, it’s not automatically adjusted to consider the change in market trends. Our algorithms continue to rebalance your investments with the goal to optimize your savings for a better overall outcome.

Maintenance and Consistency

Have you ever started a fitness program and reached your goal weight but then had trouble keeping up with your healthy lifestyle? The hardest part about staying in shape is maintaining that level of activity and making it a consistent part of your life. When you and your trainer make an initial plan it is important to set specific goals, but once you reach those goals, it’s even more important to revisit them.

The same can be said about rebalancing your retirement investments. The easy part is getting into shape because, in the case of your 401k plan, that can happen instantly with Intelligent401k. The difficult part is maintaining the correct balance to help optimize your investments over time. Why would you want to spend time getting “in shape” only to stop once you met your goal?

The good news here is that, with Intelligent401k, we do all of this for you! We get your retirement fund in check and keep it in shape without even breaking a sweat. All you have to do is commit to a plan for long-term results!

True Success Rarely Happens Overnight

When it comes to fitness goals, people often get discouraged because they are impatient and want to reach their goals instantly. Along with investing, you just have to trust the process. There will be ebbs and flows along the way but if you are consistent and persistent with a program you can really increase the probability to achieve your goals. You guessed it, the same is true for your 401k, and Intelligent401k is here to help!

Let’s Get Your Investments In Shape

How To Get Started With Intelligent401k

Intelligent401k is here to make investing with your current 401k or IRA clear and simple. We want to help you improve the performance of your retirement account. Getting started is easy! In just five easy steps you’ll be on your way to strengthening your fiscal stability and brightening your financial future.  

What are you waiting for? Let Intelligent401k take the reins and get you on track for the retirement you deserve! Here’s how it works.

STEP 1: Create a Personal Intelligent401k Account

First things first, let’s get to know each other! Create a Personal Account on our website with basic information including your name, birthday, and email address.

STEP 2: Fill Out Your Risk Assessment

In order to create your Personalized Portfolio that determines the best ways to optimize your retirement savings, we must first gather some key factors that identify your risk tolerance as well as your projected retirement age. After answering a few fundamental questions, we can pinpoint your comfort level. This provides you with a simple way to understand how our platform will work for you.

You are in control of your financial destiny … Let us know your level of comfort and we will work to balance your 401k to align with your goals!

STEP 3: Connect Your Retirement Account

In order to provide a complete Account Analysis, next we’ll need you to register your retirement account. Just connect your brokerage or plan providers’ credentials so we can get started! Your account remains with your provider, we simply alter your portfolio to better achieve your goals.

Don’t worry, you can rest easy knowing that Intelligent401k uses state-of-the-art technology to keep your account information safe and secure.

Your data and its security is our top priority. It is critical to us that your data remain safe. Intelligent401k uses 256-bit TLS encryption. We constantly monitor our platform to prevent, detect, and eliminate any possibility of a breach to our cybersecurity.

STEP 4: Review Your Account Analysis

Once your retirement account is linked, we can use that information to provide personalized recommendations on how best to optimize your 401k or IRA using our proprietary artificial intelligence technology. Intelligent401k assesses how much you could be potentially saving in account fees, details where you can reallocate your funds, and displays your projected values based on your personalized investment plan.

STEP 5: Select a Intelligent401k Subscription Tier

Finally, it’s time to pick a plan that is tailored to your individual needs and personal retirement goals! We have three designated subscription tiers for you to choose from based on the number of retirement accounts you have and how aggressively you would like us to manage them. 

It’s as simple as that! Now all you have to do is sit back and rest easy knowing your retirement savings are being expertly optimized and managed.

Let’s get you on track to reach your retirement goals. Request access to Intelligent401k today to get started!