4 Ways to Understand Investing Better

For some of us who are new to investing, the financial world can seem like a distant planet using a foreign language, loaded with technical concepts and complicated terminology. Yet, while it may seem overwhelming to listen to a heap of investment jargon that you don’t quite understand, it’s important to get the general basics under your belt and start breaking down the gist of it. Now, more than ever, it’s easy to get started. You don’t need a degree in economics or a ton of money to be able to get into investing efficiently. Starting small and gaining an understanding of the general concepts, risk management and market techniques is a great step in the right direction of financial growth.

Whether you are just starting out or already in it feeling like you are driving blind, these 4 important practices will, undoubtedly, help you better understand your investments.


No matter what kind of investment you choose to make, you will always run into some degree of risk. You will come to find out most investments that you make won’t have a guaranteed rate of return. So, understanding exactly what risk entails and gauging your own personal appetite for risk should be the first task of any potential investor.

In the world of investing, it’s important to realize that risk can come in several different ways. The most visible form would be concentration risk, which essentially means putting all your eggs in one basket. This is when your portfolio isn’t diversified and relies heavily on one or just a few investments. Another form would be overlapping risk which means buying similar or same sector investments that can be heavily affected by the same external event. This can blindside an investor who may think that they have a diversified portfolio. Another risk that any potential investor must take into consideration is not taking enough risk. This can mean that a person is too conservative or safe. While you may have heard the phrase “no risk it, no biscuit” being thrown around in the sports bar, it can also relate to the risk/reward paradigm of the investment world. It’s important to not invest in too many investments that are deemed “safe” to avoid the possibility of interest rate or inflation risk. It’s possible that your investments can be so conservative that you’re actually not letting your money work for you to its most potential and, therefore, could actually be losing ground to inflation. Ultimately, risk is a natural part of investing and you need to find your comfort level and build your personal portfolios accordingly.


Now that you have a better understanding of the risk involved in investing, let’s dive into how you can help mitigate it. The most crucial way to increase your investment returns and reduce your overall risk is the act of diversifying your assets. The main idea here is that you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. If you put all your money into just one investment and it ends up performing badly, you can then lose all your money. Alternatively, if you create a diversified portfolio that involves a variety of different investments, it’s much less likely that all of your investments will perform badly.

One of the most important ways to diversify your portfolio is to invest in several different asset classes. The three main asset classes that should round out your portfolio include stocks, bonds and cash.

• Stocks (also known as equity) is a security that represents the ownership of a fraction of a corporation. This entitles the owner of the stock to a proportion of the corporation’s assets and profits equal to how much stock they own. While stocks can offer the highest potential gains, they also carry the most inherent risk. They are the heavy hitters, if you will. Expect to hit some home runs but also, deal with some strikeouts.
• Bonds are units of corporate debt issued by companies and securitized as tradable assets. A bond is referred to as a fixed income instrument since bonds traditionally paid a fixed interest rate (coupon) to debtholders. Variable or floating interest rates are also now quite common. Bond prices are inversely correlated with interest rates: when rates go up, bond prices fall and vice-versa. These fixed-income securities have maturity dates at which point the principal amount must be paid back in full or risk default.
• Cash, or the money you have in your savings account, involves the least amount of risk with, alternatively, the least potential return.


So, now you know the different asset classes and their levels of risk but how do you figure out how much to invest in each asset class? This process of divvying up your investment portfolio is referred to as asset allocation which is, ultimately, dependent on your risk tolerance, personal goals and time horizon. Asset allocation can be crucial to your portfolio because, traditionally, asset classes tend to not move together in tandem. Stocks will tend to perform better in a rising economy, whereas bonds will tend to increase their returns when interest rates are falling. Gauging the market conditions along with assessing your risk tolerance is crucial when making up your portfolio. If you have a high risk tolerance and a longer time frame to invest, you may elect to have an aggressive portfolio which features a higher allocation of stocks compared to bonds. Alternatively, if you have a low risk tolerance with a shorter time horizon, your portfolio may be more conservative with more bonds compared to stocks.


You put your money in the stock market and, inevitably, just punched your ticket to an imminent roller coaster of emotions. So, buckle up because the ups and downs are just a normal part of the investment journey. It’s important to understand that controlling your emotions during these market swings is crucial to the long-term health of your investments. When you buy a stock and it starts performing well, you are, undoubtedly, going to experience an excitement and thrill and want to see how much money you can make. Then if your stock starts declining, you may feel a rush of negative emotions like anxiety, depression and fear while wanting to sell before you lose more money. It’s all a part of the game and one must acknowledge the cycle and trust the process. It’s important to understand that time is your greatest asset when it comes to investing, specifically in stocks. Let’s say that you just have one year to invest before you need to use the funds. In this case, you may be put into a risky situation where you could lose all of your money. This could cause heightened emotions while you are watching the market closely and could take a toll on your mental health. Alternatively, if you have an extended period of time to work with and a long-term plan the day to day changes in the market will just be noise in the bigger picture of your investments.

Ultimately, psychological factors can have huge implications on, not only a personal scale, but on a larger collective scale in the market. Making rational decisions and not allowing emotions to dictate your investment decisions will greatly strengthen the long-term results of your portfolio.




One of the smartest ways that you can start saving for retirement is opening up a Roth IRA.  This special retirement account is simple to start, effortlessly efficient because it’s tax-free and will have you wondering why you haven’t started investing in one sooner!  Similar to other qualified retirement plan accounts, the money invested within the Roth IRA grows tax-free. But unlike traditional retirement accounts, with a Roth you pay taxes initially when you invest money in your account but withdrawals are tax-free when you cash out after you’re at least 59½ years old.  This “pay now, save later” tax feature is beneficial if you expect your tax bracket to rise in the future and remain higher in your retirement years.


If you think Warren Buffet, arguably the greatest investor of all time, has a secret formula for building wealth then guess again.  He has been vocal for decades on how compounding works and it is actually quite simple.  The main variables to compounding that builds wealth is time, taxes and fees.  If you have time (years to invest) and can minimize your taxes and fees then you have what it takes to create substantial worth through the merits of compounding.


A Roth IRA with the help of Intelligent401k is exactly the way to compound your retirement funds to build a nest egg for your retirement and it is SIMPLE.  These retirement accounts can appreciate in value by compounding, which can help your money grow substantially. Whenever your investments within your account earn a dividend or appreciate in value, that amount gets tacked onto your account balance. That means your money will continue to grow even if you don’t make regular contributions to the account.  This is why it is eminently important to open a Roth IRA sooner rather than later because you’ll be better set for retirement the longer your money has to grow!




Roth IRAs come with some significant advantages compared to most traditional retirement accounts.  Here’s what you need to know about the perks of Roth IRAs and how it can give you financial flexibility and help you maximize your retirement savings!


  • Tax-Free Retirement Withdrawals:  Roth IRAs are funded with after-tax dollars which means you won’t owe Uncle Sam a dime when you cash out in retirement (after age 59 ½).
  • Penalty-Free Withdrawals:  You can dodge any withdrawal penalty with a Roth as long as the money you withdraw comes from your contributions and not earnings.  This offers a breadth of flexibility and peace of mind if you need to access your funds for any reason.
  • No Contribution Age Restrictions:  You can contribute to a Roth IRA at any age as long as you have a qualifying earned income.
  • No Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs): With a traditional IRA, you must start making withdrawals called “required minimum distributions” after you reach a certain age.  Alternatively, if your money is invested in a Roth you can leave it untouched for as long as you like, allowing it to continue to gain interest.
  • Inherited Roth IRAs Tax Benefits: If you pass your Roth IRA onto your beneficiaries, their withdrawals will also be income tax-free. As long as the account had been open for at least five years at the time the account holder died.



Roth IRAs are a popular retirement account choice for anyone because they are simple to set up through an online broker and if properly and prudently invested can have returns consistent with investing in stocks and bonds.  This will fluctuate but the average annual return of the S&P 500 index is 10.7% over the last 30 years *thefool.com.  Depending on your income you can currently contribute up to $6000 per year in a Roth IRA and if you don’t have one currently setup we urge you to start today.  You should be contributing every single year until you are in your late 50’s to take advantage of these benefits!  Let’s say you open a Roth IRA and contribute the maximum amount of $6000 each year for 40 years. Assuming a 10% rate of return, you would amass $2,927,110! That’s the power of compounding.  On the other hand, if you decided to put your money in a savings account that didn’t yield interest, you would only have $240,000 after 40 years.  That’s a life-altering leap that is too good to pass up.




The world of technology has made setting up a Roth IRA simple and effortless!  But how do you decide which brokerage to go through?  It’s important to know that not all accounts are created equally.  Where you open your Roth IRA can prove to have a big impact on the investments you’re able to access. Also, it’s important to know that the fees you pay for maintaining the account may vary widely.  All of the costs associated with maintaining and trading within your account can reduce your overall investment return.  Remember, every dollar you pay to fees is a dollar that doesn’t go into your investment account.  Some other factors to take into consideration are quality of customer service, online tools and a user-friendly web platform.  Some brokerages that we find particularly easy-to-use are Schwab, E-Trade or Fidelity!




  1. Decide if you want hands-off or hands-on help: There are a couple of options that you can go through when starting a Roth IRA.  You can create an account with an online brokerage where you personally buy and sell investments.  Or you can link your account up to an A.I-driven platform that automatically rebalances your portfolio for you, like Intelligent401k.  The latter may be beneficial for new investors or people who don’t have time to keep up with market trends and fluctuations.  Using an A.I technology can potentially allow you to maximize your savings while helping you shed costly, overpriced management fees.
  2. Find a Provider:  Once you decide what kind of service account you want, you can then start looking for a specific provider to go through.  Some things to consider when choosing a brokerage and/or robo-advisor are management fees, trading fees, account minimums and customer service programs.
  3. Open an Account:  Once you decide on a provider, opening an account is easy!  Most companies try to make their platforms as straightforward as possible. So, go to your provider’s website and fill out your information to get started!
  4. Transfer Funds or Rollover your 401k into your New Account: Now that you have an account, it’s time to add funds to it to start investing.  You can either transfer money from one of your bank accounts, transfer funds from a different IRA account or rollover a 401k plan from a previous job.


We’re offering a free year of Intelligent 401k to anyone who opens a Roth IRA to start saving for retirement. Use the code ‘ROTH21’ at checkout to redeem.

Why We Started Intelligent401k

An Interview with Steve Demarest, Founder and CEO of Intelligent401k

Intelligent401k was started by Steve Demarest and his college roommate, Jon Floyd, who have over 30 years of successful experience in the financial industry.  With an eye for sound investing and an aptitude for innovation, Steve and Jon founded a successful trading firm that was later acquired by one of the largest financial firms in the United States. 

Now, they are on a mission to improve the way people invest in their future.

Steve and Jon saw a void in the way most American’s managed their retirement funds and set out to create a unique way to solve it. The answer was an innovative A.I.- driven technology which effortlessly optimizes your retirement funds with the goal of maximizing your account’s performance. 

Intelligent401k was started with the idea that saving for retirement should be clear, simple and efficient. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and stressed about building a nest egg big enough to support your future, we want you to be able to look forward to your golden years with ease and clarity.

We sat down with Steve to pick his brain about why he started Intelligent401k and how it can help people like you optimize their retirement funds, save on fees, and try to obtain better long-term results. Read on to learn more about Steve, Intelligent401k, and how to manifest the future you deserve!

Q: What initially sparked your interest in the financial industry? 

My father was a career stockbroker, so I took an interest since I was probably about 8 years old.  He had me investing and trading early on but, of course, I didn’t really know what I was doing. Nevertheless, it got me involved and after the first winning trade, I’ve been hooked!  

Q:  Wow, 30 years in the industry! Can you give us a background on your financial experience including building your previous trading firm?

I actually started as a cold caller during the summer after my freshman year in college for a firm out of New York, called Oppenheimer. I went back again to do the same thing after my sophomore year but this time I was able to take my Series 7 (brokers license) and I passed on the first attempt! This was 1990, I was 20 years old and had my license to be a broker. From that point forward I couldn’t wait to get involved with helping clients invest.  

I worked for my father the following summer after my junior year and then, after graduating, I immediately went to work building my career. In 1992, I was hired by PaineWebber Inc. as an Investment Executive (a fancy way of saying stockbroker) and finished number one at the top of my training class. Within two years I was able to earn Vice President status at only 24 years old. I’m fairly certain that I was the youngest person in the firm with that title. From there, I parlayed my early success to move to a regional firm, Piper Jaffray, which allowed me to expand from working with retail clients to working with institutional clients. This was substantial because it was my inroad to understanding how “the business” really works.  

After a little less than two years, I was doing great when Jon called me, excited to show me what he was doing with at the trading firm where he worked. After visiting him and seeing some of the new technologies he was using, as well as being abreast of changing regulations, the lightbulb turned on. I took a huge risk by leaving a successful career to start my own independent branch office called MB Trading.  In 1997, I had just turned 27 and had my own brokerage business! By the time I was 30, we had moved on to be our own Broker/Dealer which means it was a full-fledged brokerage firm specializing in sophisticated technologies that supported Stocks, Options, Futures, and eventually Forex. MB Trading was successfully acquired in 2016. My work was complete … for the moment.

Q:  What did you learn from starting your first firm and how can you use it to improve this new venture (Intelligent401k)?

MB Trading was very successful over the years, but the trading and investing experiences would be almost impossible to match. I have gone through several market cycles and have seen the good and the bad, many times. I had worked with and/or monitored hundreds of thousands of traders over the years seeing some of the best on earth and, candidly, some of the worst. I was able to gain a deep understanding of the financial markets as well as the financial infrastructures and investment vehicles that correlate with them. It’s the combination of all these aspects that afforded me the knowledge to understand successful money management and investment traits. I have had so many experiences understanding how mistakes are made and how to avoid those mistakes. I have also been able to work with such successful traders and investors which allows me to apply those traits to be a successful investor.  

By putting all these together, I am able to offer a truly substantial benefit to people who may not be totally versed in investing. My goal is for Intelligent401k to be completely aligned with our customers, creating a win-win relationship because as they do better, the company does better. It’s quite simple and very rewarding.

Q:  What void did you see in the market that inspired you to start Intelligent401k?

What a really unique situation. This is strictly my opinion (which I need to emphasize for compliance guidelines), but it seems obvious to me that since funds in a 401k cannot be moved out and must stay at the plan provider, most financial advisors purposely overlook them because they can’t get paid (I need to be clear for compliance purposes that this is just my opinion). Additionally, even if they could get paid they would probably not offer up their services because many of the balances would not meet their minimum requirements and many larger firms have ERISA concerns (rules and regulations that come with liability).  Those are my general observations, but regardless of the exact reason this segment of people, undoubtedly, are overlooked. That leaves millions of people from getting the help that they so desperately could use.  

Lastly, the help that is available to people by the plan provider, seems to me, to be fairly useless. What I mean by that is, usually, an advisor shows up once a year or maybe a few times a year to offer guidance. The jargon and confusion that ensues is baffling. The employees end up becoming even more confused and seize up, not understanding what to do. It is confusing, daunting, and even intimidating to most and it, candidly, doesn’t need to be.  Their natural response is to ask a friend or a peer what they are doing and mimic their investment choices. That is just so wrong because everyone’s situation is different and needs different solutions to be successful … not to mention you can easily be following less than ideal recommendations. From my experience, this happens all the time, so we have devised a process and technology that makes everything simple, affordable, powerful, and accessible to everyone with one goal in mind – to make their lives better.

Q: What do you think are the biggest challenges that people face regarding managing their retirement funds?

They simply don’t understand what the investment choices provided to them mean or what they are intended to do. The other challenge is that most truly don’t understand how to manage risk. Everyone focuses on the returns, but not all returns are equal. For example, at any given time you may have two people that both profit $1,000 from their investments. However, what if one person took half the risk as the other? It’s true they both had the same return for that snapshot in time but I can confidently say if they continue with that behavior they will not have the same returns over 5, 10, or 20 years. Then you hear the nightmare of what happens when the market corrects or has a substantial pull back. That’s when you really see who was taking on risk that they didn’t quite understand.

Q:  Why do you think it’s taken this long for a system, as potentially beneficial as Intelligent401k, to be put into place?

There are others that offer similar services but not all services are equal. It’s partially long-term vs. short-term thinking too and new technologies that exist today which allows us viewership into a person’s account without having to custodian the account. Essentially, that means we can offer our optimizing services without having to move the money over to a new brokerage or advisor. Simplicity is key, leave it right where it is, and we try to make your investments more efficient.  

I think understanding the long-term view and not focusing on short-term results could be a huge factor. This is a slow and long process for both Intelligent401k and every customer. I think in general, many types of people look for quicker results or measure in the short-term and we don’t think that way, at least not for your retirement. I believe that if you trust our process of proper and prudent money management skills and let our investment algorithms do their magic, I am confident that you will look back over 10-20 years with contentment.  

For example, if we are able to get on average a 1% better return over 25 years, starting with 80k (one person getting 8% return and the other getting 9% return) then that ends up being about a 150k difference! Obviously, this is hypothetical, but it is an absolutely reasonable outcome by using proper money management.  

I suppose the short answer is wisdom and new technology coming together at the same time which were not previously available.

Q:  What’s your vision and long-term goals for the company?

My vision is to help people realize that they have a problem that they may be aware of and, in turn, offer them an extremely simple solution. Therein lies the difficulty, but along with difficulty comes opportunity and value. 

A 401k is usually a person’s second largest asset behind their home but they spend more time researching where to take a vacation this year than they do when filling out their retirement selections. That’s not right. My goal is to help them today, so that tomorrow, they can afford plenty of vacations.

Q:  Alright, alright, alright … When you’re not crunching numbers and finding the next investment opportunity, what can we find you doing?

I’m boring nowadays. I read a lot and study the markets continually and especially use the weekend time to catch up on much of that. I used to practice Jiu Jitsu and was active for 17 years achieving my black belt in 2013 but I’m a bit too old for that now so I try to keep active in the gym where I can’t get beat up!

Q:  I’ve got to say, for a big-time finance guy, you seem pretty down to earth. What are your personal life goals outside of your career?

I don’t know if I would call myself a big finance guy because I look up to so many smart traders/investors in the business that have taught me so much and continue to do so. My life goal is to simply be viewed as a good person with integrity that is always willing to help where or when possible. Seems so simple but I have found it’s difficult for many to do.

Q:  Most importantly, what’s your best dad joke?

Maybe not a joke but a brilliant question.  I opened a restaurant and my sister asked me if I was mad at my money! I thought it was funny.


  • Investing involves risks including the possibility of loss of principal. Investment results will fluctuate based on market conditions and the economic environment. The example does not take into account fees, commissions, taxes or any other costs (e.g., service fees, low balance fees, maintenance fees, annual operating fees). If such costs were included in the 150k amount, the value would be lower.


The Benefits of Choosing Intelligent401k

Did you know that planning for retirement can be just as exciting as going on a vacation? OK,  that may be a stretch but let me paint you a picture so you can see the benefits of preparing for retirement with Intelligent401k!

Let’s say you’re going on a once in a lifetime backpacking trip across Europe. You have certain expectations for your trip, places you want to visit, ways you want to vacation, and things you want to experience during your trip that are unique to you. The possibilities are endless and while you’ve never been to Europe before, you want to make the most of your trip. 

In this analogy, we want you to think of Intelligent401k as your own hypothetical travel advisor to make your trip as stress-free and epic as possible.

First, we will gauge your expectations and goals by creating an itinerary for your travels. We’ll take into consideration your budget, preferred destinations, and length of your trip.  Then, we check out airline and hotel markets, as well as assess the best options to complete your itinerary.

Like traveling the world, planning for retirement is better with a guide.

If you’ve ever been on a major international trip, you know it’s likely there will be some unexpected change of plans, bumps in the road, or opportunities that arise that you must act on. Well, with the right travel advisor, you won’t have to worry about staying another night in Amsterdam – they’ve got you covered! They’ll continue to adjust your itinerary and upgrade your vacation as needed. Live in the moment, don’t stress and let us take care of the details!

At Intelligent401k, we want to be the loyal travel advisor to your retirement fund by creating your personalized portfolio, assessing market trends, and continually rebalancing your investments to help optimize your savings!

Our cutting-edge technology is designed to keep you on track for reaching your financial goals and, ultimately, fulfilling your retirement dreams. The benefits of our investment management platform are significant, straightforward and will, simply, leave you wondering why you haven’t signed up earlier.

It’s as simple as … an all inclusive resort.

When we say our system is simple, we mean it!  After setting your risk tolerance, linking your retirement account credentials, and choosing the plan that’s right for you – all that’s left to do is sit back and, effortlessly, watch the magic happen. Intelligent401k’s cutting-edge technology automatically assesses the current market trends and uses that information to optimize your investments in an efficient way.  We cover the maintenance, so you can relax and feel free to focus on the important things in life … like taking a trip to Europe.

Personalized and Optimized 401k Performance … aka your retirement itinerary.

We understand that every person has a different financial situation and set of retirement goals, which is why we offer a personalized service that is tailored to your individual investment needs.  Our risk assessment produces a personalized analysis that works to pinpoint your comfort zone level based on a number scale which provides a simple way to understand your results.

After we link up your brokerage or plan provider to our software, we can see how and where your individual funds might be ideally optimized using our proprietary technology.  

Proper and prudent investment management … more proper than the Queen of England.

Most people feel good enough knowing that they are consistently adding to their employee-sponsored 401k plan every paycheck without realizing that there are ways to potentially increase their nest egg. The money that is sitting in your retirement account is being invested in a combination of stocks and bonds but, in most cases, it is not being adjusted to match the change in market trends.

When your funds are left stagnant without rebalancing, individuals lose out on long-term results. Intelligent401k uses sophisticated algorithms that actively respond to fluctuations in the market to adjust your investments in order to take advantage of the current market.

AI Technological Edge … Time is Money and Money is for Memories!

Artificial Intelligence refers to using computers to effortlessly simulate actions that traditionally require human intelligence to perform. This system uses human-created algorithms that analyze massive amounts of data to identify patterns and derive predictions on how to act most efficiently.

Intelligent401k has capitalized on advancements in AI to create algorithms that have a goal to maximize an individual’s personalized retirement account. AI allows our technology to optimize your retirement savings in an efficient and timely manner, which would take your average financial advisor substantial time in comparison.

Reduced Investment Fees … a penny saved is a penny you can spend on another night in Amsterdam!

Despite the fact that your 401k could be poorly managed and serviced, you might be getting charged an excessive fee by your plan provider or brokerage. Not only does the Intelligent401k technology work to maximize your savings but it focuses on reducing your fees by selecting the lowest cost available in your investment choices.

Transparency … You don’t need Rick Steves when you’re already in the know.

Not only do we want to supercharge your savings but Intelligent401k wants you to be in the know about what’s going on with your investments! We provide you monthly and yearly reports about your account’s progress where you can see how and where your money is being invested.

No Stress, No Obligation … We got this!

We know that planning for retirement can be stressful, difficult, and overwhelming. Fortunately, Intelligent401k is here to make the process of saving for retirement as stress-free and efficient as possible. Once you get set up, you have no obligations. Let us do the heavy lifting on your investments while you handle whatever else life throws your way!

Security … Safer than a Pick-Pocket Proof Wallet Belt.

The security of your personal information is of the utmost importance to us. You can rest easy knowing that our platform is secure and protected against potential cybersecurity issues. We use 256-bit TLS encryption and constantly monitor our technology environment to prevent, detect and close any threats that might cause risk. This is aimed at preventing any unauthorized users from accessing your accounts or any of your information.

Breadth of Opportunity … here’s to the next adventure!

Intelligent401k wants you to make the most out of your hard-earned money and allow your retirement plan to reach its full potential. Our revolutionary technology aims to optimize your savings in the most efficient way possible. We genuinely want you to be able to look forward to your retirement with confidence and contentment. Help us, help you and take charge of your financial future today … we got this!

So, what are you waiting for? Book your perpetual trip to financial security today! Request access to Intelligent401k today to get started.

What is Intelligent401k and How Does it Work?

While the concept of retirement should be easy, most people spend their lives wondering if they have prepared enough throughout their career to ever afford to stop working. Planning for retirement can be stressful, difficult, and overwhelming. Fortunately, there are ways to start managing your funds now to take charge of your financial future well before you hit retirement age.

How can I optimize my 401k plan to reach its full potential when I need it?

This is where Intelligent401k is here to help. It’s simple, we do the work for you. Intelligent401k was created to help you effortlessly optimize your retirement savings. Our system uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence that proactively responds to fluctuations in the market and works to adjust your investments in order to take advantage of the current trends.

Not only does the Intelligent401k technology maximize your savings but it helps you shed your costly, overpriced management fees. More importantly, you can rest easy knowing that our platform is secure and protected against potential cybersecurity issues. We use 256-bit TLS encryption and constantly monitor our technology environment to prevent, detect and close any threats that might cause risk. This would prevent unauthorized users from accessing your accounts.

For those just getting started with 401k or retirement accounts, here’s a quick rundown.

Quick rundown on retirement accounts

A 401k is one of the easiest and most effective ways to prepare for retirement on a tax-deferred basis. A 401K is an important job related benefit that is provided by your employer. Only an employer is allowed to sponsor a 401k for their eligible employees. This retirement savings plan allows employees to contribute a portion of their income into an investment account that is automatically deducted from their paychecks. Employers may also offer to make contributions to your 401k through a company match as a part of your employee benefits.


A traditional IRA and a Roth IRA are other popular retirement savings accounts to consider. The main difference between the two types of individual retirement accounts (IRA), as well as 401k plans, is the way they are taxed.

While most plans invest your funds in a combination of stocks and bonds, most people don’t have the time or experience to research market trends and recalibrate their investment as often as they should. Consequently, you’re missing out on opportunities to optimize your gains or minimize your losses depending on how the market is performing.

What artificial intelligence can teach us about 401k plans

In life, sometimes the most important ability is adaptability. Intelligent401k takes that mantra and relates it directly to retirement optimization and how to invest your 401k. Not only does Intelligent401k create an initial plan that seeks to optimize your savings but our algorithms work to keep up with current market trends. AI allows our systems to act in seamless and efficient ways which would take an average investor an immense amount of time to accomplish.

Artificial intelligence is the future and so is your 401k. AI has the potential to revolutionize not only our everyday lives but also our financial destiny. You rely on technology every day, why not use it to help improve your 401k’s performance? Get started and request access to Intelligent401k today!

A traditional IRA and a Roth IRA are other popular retirement savings accounts to consider. The main difference between the two types of individual retirement accounts (IRA), as well as 401k plans, is the way they are taxed.

While most plans invest your funds in a combination of stocks and bonds, most people don’t have the time or experience to research market trends and recalibrate their investment as often as they should. Consequently, you’re missing out on opportunities to optimize your gains or minimize your losses depending on how the market is performing.

Getting started with Intelligent401k is easy and secure

Intelligent401k uses a risk assessment to determine key factors including your individual tolerance and projected retirement age. After summarizing your risk and connecting to your retirement account, our technology can then generate a comprehensive personalized analysis detailing how to optimize your retirement savings.

Intelligent401k assesses how much you could be saving in account fees, details where you can reallocate your funds, and displays your projected values based on your personalized investment plan from our technology. After evaluating your personalized portfolio, you can choose a subscription plan that best fits your current needs. There are three tiers that range from $9 to $24 per month that are tailored to suit a broad range of individuals based on their preferences.

Once you are set up with a plan, just sit back and let us handle the rest. When we say it’s simple, we mean it. Intelligent401k wants you to be able to look forward to retirement with confidence and clarity rather than stress and anxiety. Request your access today!