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Extensive financial market experience

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Intelligent401k was founded in 2020 by two former college roommates, Steve Demarest and Jon Floyd.

Steve is a successful entrepreneur with 30 years of experience in financial markets, brokerage, trading, and financial technologies, and Jon is a financial advisor that has spent the last 28 years helping people get the most out of their investment portfolios. Steve, along with Jon’s help, built a fast-growing financial trading firm that provided visibility into hundreds of thousands of traders and investors, continually learning from the savviest ones. The firm was then acquired by one of the largest financial firms in the U.S.

Steve and Jon started Intelligent401k to help manage people’s retirement funds and lower their overall fees. They put their complementary skills to work and used their past professional experiences to create a service that has the potential to benefit the funds that make up a significant portion of most Americans’ assets.

Intelligent401k combines hard-won human expertise acquired through years working with traders and pioneering technological expertise.

The artificial intelligence employed by Intelligent401k would be difficult to obtain outside of the best trading houses. This technology allows you to relax knowing that your investments are automatically rebalanced and adjusted in response to macro market changes.

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