At Intelligent401k we understand that when you open an account with us, you’re placing a lot of trust in our company and our services. Maintaining that trust by keeping your account secure is our greatest priority. Here is what we are doing to ensure your protection.

Here’s how it works:

We safeguard your account with strong encryption, firewalls, secure email, and proactive 24/7 system surveillance. We have a dedicated and experienced team that works around the clock to keep your account and information safe.

Our three core components are:


Intelligent401k safeguards your account and data with bank level TLS 256-bit encryption. This is one of the most secure encryption methods, and is used in modern encryption algorithms, protocols, and technologies including AES and SSL. Intelligent401k is committed to adhering to security standards that will pass even the highest security scrutiny.

Fund custody

Intelligent401k does not custody your account or your funds. This is a fancy way of saying your money is not held with Intelligent401k. Your account stays right where it is, at the plan provider or brokerage firm you’ve chosen. This means you benefit from two levels of protection and security: firstly at Intelligent401k, and secondarily where your account is held.


Intelligent401k is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor—a fiduciary—which means we are legally and, at our core, fundamentally obligated to always act in your best interest as well as protect your account and personal information. As financial and technology experts with decades of experience helping investors with their personal assets, we know there is nothing more important than trust. We don’t take that trust for granted and work tirelessly to keep your account safe and secure.

Intelligent401k’s Pledge

We’re proud of the trust you place in Intelligent 401k and want to ensure that you always have peace of mind when doing business with us. That’s why we pledge to focus on cybersecurity and implement the most trusted and current systems available for your protection.